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#Jayswildbunch (Wildlife portraits series 2018)

Baboon Portrait
Tortoise Portrait
African Giraffe Portrait
Zebra Portrait Joe Were
Lion Portrait Joe Were
Ostrich Portrait Joe Were
Crested Crane Portrait Joe Were
Hyena Portrait Joe Were

London walker series (2017)

The Gherkin Walker
East Wintergarden
London Parking Lot
Kings Cross Station London Walker
Cannon Street London
Cannon Street Station Walkers
Johnnie Walker Dont Tire
London Walk

Guinness "Made Of More" instagram activation 2016

Magadi Maasai Holding Guinness
Guinness Bottle and glass Magadi
Guinness Bottle Magadi

Schluter Coffee

Schluter Coffee-24.jpg
Schluter Coffee Nyeri
Aricha Washing Station Ethiopia
Welcome Party.jpg
Schluter Coffee Othaya
Uraga Washing Station (Guji Zone)

Unscrambling africa leg 1 2017 (recce behind the scenes)

Lulu Joburg Black wall
Unscrambling Africa Johannesburg Morning
Lulu Morning Yoga Joburg
Mutua Matheka Bo Kaap Stroll
Bo Kaap stroll Cape Town
Woodstock Children Playing Cape Town
Camping In the Clouds
Lulu Victoria Falls Unscrambling Africa