Hi there... Welcome to my website. I'm so glad you could join in. My name is Joe Were and I am a photographer. My photography journey started in 2010 when I met a few amazingly talented individuals (Now very close friends of mine).

One was Patricia Kihoro. An amazing musician, radio personality and photographer who was documenting her walks in the city of Nairobi back then. 

After following her work for a while, I decided to get an iPhone and try taking pictures and sharing stories like she did. Through interaction with her, I got to meet an amazing and talented photographer and architect, Mutua Matheka... and his good friend Mwangi Kirubi. As they say, the rest is history. I never looked back.

Armed with inspiration from these three, I got my first camera in December 2013. Since then I have done plenty of projects and commercial work for various people and companies.

With a focus on documentary, portrait and travel photography, I am enjoying the journey so far.I now do photography full time (And music... I play and produce).

On this site you will find some of the work I do professionally, a few tutorials I am eager to share with you and, of course, my thoughts, stories and journeys. 

Thank you for your time and please enjoy the rest of your stay.