Desert... Anyone?

"Less is more", said the wise-men. In a world where we're always seeking more, looking for "less" is definitely more than we can handle. I am used to more. I eat more than anybody at the table... I stay awake for more hours than I should... My six foot frame needs more legroom when I'm in the back seat. I am used to more. Having grown up in the city (Of Nairobi no less), more is a way of life. I even took more time to write this post than I should have.. Haha. 

One thing I would not mind having more of for sure? Experiences. Another wise person said, "The more you travel, the more of your world you experience, the richer you become". I agree... 100%. Yes, Yes and more YES! I also would like more free trips. Like the one Travelstart Kenya is running for the Travelstart Blogger Experience Competition. Free trip to Zanzibar... More please.


I am used to a large serving of the city life. Naturally, when I was told I was going to Abu Dhabi (Thanks to NYU Abu Dhabi and Just-A-Band), the excitement was off the charts. Abu Dhabi is a great city and the capital of the United Arab Emirates (Best known for it's other city, Dubai). Dubai and Abu Dhabi both serve up a sumptuous dose of city life. Oh yes... Give me all of that... But wait... There's more.

Dubai is an hour and a half journey away from Abu Dhabi on the 5-lane, 130km E11 Highway

All set to enjoy the two cities on my final days of the visit, we took a little detour to something I never expected. An extra serving. An experience that I can safely say, so far, is the best I've had. The Shah Desert of Abu Dhabi. I never would have thought I would be so enthralled by the beauty of desolation. A few kilometers off the E11 Highway, the road took a detour into nothingness. More wise-men said, a picture is worth a thousand words.

The detour from the E11 Highway quickly turns into an epic roller-coaster adventure through the dunes.

The sand dunes sometimes even out for a picturesque view of the desert.

Deep within the dunes in the beauty of desolation, the sport of bird tossing is practiced...By just a few.

If you're not into bird sports, you can be treated to a leisurely camel ride through the landscape...

... or take a run up and down the dunes. The view is breathtaking from above. 

Soon it was time to head home... After the best experience I've had so far.

All Good things come to an end but experiences remain with us forever. I am definitely looking forward to more experiences... And more of interaction with you in the comments below :-) Let me know what you think. Thank you.

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