Tutorial: How To Shoot (And Edit) Stars.

Welcome to this tutorial on shooting stars. We all love the night sky (At least I do... Haha). Stars are inspiring, breathtaking...romantic even. I have always loved looking at photos of stars and staring up at the night sky. Now we get to shoot stars. In this post you will find two videos showing you things you will need to consider before shooting...And after shooting, how to edit your shot. I have also posted the same RAW  file used in the tutorial HERE... Please feel free to download it and edit as you watch the tutorial. But first, an overview that may help you out as you shoot your first Milky Way shot. 

Things To Consider;

  1. Use a camera that has manual settings and can shoot RAW. (Shooting in JPEG just won't do for this kind of photography because of the adjustments that must be done after)
  2. It's better if you're shooting in a (fairly) dark place. Artificial light can ruin your shot but can also be used artistically.
  3. Shoot on a tripod because you will be shooting long exposures.
  4. Bear in mind the focal length of the lens you will use (14mm, 24mm, e.t.c) and crop factor of your camera (full frame = x1, Nikon Crop = x1.5, Canon crop = x1.6, e.t.c) because it's what determines your exposure time value. (More on that in the videos)
  5. Pay attention to your composition for context. Memorable shots almost always show context. (For example, have a tent in your shot)
  6. Have fun. Enjoy the tutorial.
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