Top 10 Instagrammers That Inspire (My) Photography

My travels and adventures over the past few months have reminded me just how important it is to constantly seek inspiration as an artist. However, as much as I love to travel, it's nice to be at home for a while (and to get back to regular blogging again – Did you miss me?! Haha). But sitting still doesn't mean the inspiration stops.


I recently shared some of my inspirations from around the world on Instagram Stories (A new instagram feature that lets you share short video and photo stories lasting only 24hrs... for more on that, you can click here) so naturally some of you missed it … But fear not, Here's that list again. These are my top 10 accounts to follow for inspiration from around the world. To be fair, it's more like 15 due to a few honorable mentions. The guys that I definitely have to check out every day I get on instagram... These guys keep my creative juices flowing. Here we go.


10. @rishad (Vancouver, Canada)

I love @rishad's edits and wanderlust-inspiring adventures. Most of the places he's been to have made it way up my bucket list.

Yosemite is horrible... Don't go.

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9. @the_mentalyst  (Nairobi, Kenya)

I love @the_mentalyst's storytelling in his photos. His recent trip to Egypt was also one of my favourite feeds to watch. The overall look of his feed has a nice, warm aesthetic to it.


8. @nazyxo (Zanzibar, Tanzania)

I really love how she captures the essence of life in a place or person she photographs. Her photos give that "I'd like to go there" or "I can't wait to meet that person" feeling. Her edits are great too. They have a bright and clean aesthetic to them. 

Octopus hunting with Bakari. #folksatsea

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7. @osborne_macharia (Nairobi, Kenya)

It probably goes without saying that Osborne is one of the most interesting and sought-after photographers in Kenya. I love how he's always pushing boundaries with personal projects. Like this recent one he dubbed, "Melanin-0 (Zero). His edits are always eye-catching and the lighting in his photography, well thought through. 


6. @bryanadamc (Tuscon, USA)

I love the simplicity in his photos and how he experiments with light. He uses props in most of his portraits very well to add interesting elements to the story. His landscape photography always makes me want to travel somewhere.

a sense of hope.

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5. @lafrohemien (Nairobi, Kenya)

I love how she brings out the beauty in dark skin and being African. Her photos are always emotive and capture what it means to be African in such a dignifying way. 

I wish dishwashing would be this joyful in my house. #lifebythelake #Onetouchlive_mfangano #Kenya #makeportraits

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4. @dorukseymen (Istanbul, Turkey)

I call him "The Light King". I absolutely love Doruk's experimental style and use of light in his portraits. I also love how he uses moody edits to emphasize the awesomeness of the light. He recently shared a few tips with me which I'm eager to go out and try.


3. @dennistheprescott (All Over, Canada)

Yes, really. He's from all over, sampling and making all kinds of food from all over the world. Nothing gets me hungrier than seeing Dennis' food photography (I call it art). I love how he uses lighting in his photos and enjoy how he puts colours together. Especially after meeting him and working with him on a recent #HungerFree project.

Surf & Turf and a wicked gorgeous Maritime day got me all 🎉. Happy Wednesday friends.

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2. @truthslinger (Nairobi, Kenya)

By far one of my favourite photographers in general, I love how Mutua can see and turn even the most mundane things into epic masterpieces. I love his eye for interesting architecture and people... His edits are always very well thought through.


But FIRST... A Few Honorable Mentions

Before I conclude, here are a few honorable mentions that make this list a very difficult one indeed to compile (Oh, you have no idea) 

@bobpixel (Accra, Ghana)

I love the storytelling in Bobbie's photos. Especially because most of what he does is in line with what I do (I aspire to be like him one day..Fingers crossed).... His use of light is exquisite and interesting. Always showing his subjects in a strong light (No pun intended)


@helloemilie (Australia)

Emilie's trips and photos always inspire wanderlust. I absolutely love the clean, minimalist style of storytelling in her photography. Just goes to show that little is sometimes more. 

What dreams are made of...✨💛 Hello Dubai @flightcentreau @royalshaheen #openmyworld #mydubai 📷 @jasoncharleshill

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@thanabster (Nairobi, Kenya)

Speaking of minimalist, here's someone that takes it to a whole new level. I love how he can tell a visual story using the least amount of elements in frame. 

The winds & turns will set your soul free.

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@zenography (Johannesburg, South Africa)

The Portrait Guru... His portraits are always interestingly composed and beautifully edited. I like the dark, moody but well lit feel of his photography. Some of the elements he has mastered in his craft and that I admire a lot.

Despair. @bomb_productions #theroadbomb

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@worduuup (Nairobi, Kenya/Minsk, Belarus)

Photographer, blogger and avid traveler. Polina's photos need no explaining. From the desaturated to the somewhat minimalist approach to the wanderlust inducing sites she visits, she places herself in her photos in a way that makes you want to be there... This is a must see feed for me when I am looking for inspiration. 

Sex with gods, you can't beat that! 🏄🏼 #PointBreak #WorduuupGoesToZanzibar

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FINALLY... We Made It

1. @marcogrob (Olten, Switzerland)

As a documentary photographer, I look up to Marco Grob a lot. I especially loved his South Sudan portrait series. Mainly how he used artificial light and balanced it well to create the mood of the portraits.  His head-shots are also very nicely done. 


So there we have it. My top 10 list of inspirations from instagram. What do you think? And who are some of your favorites? Thank you for stopping by and feel free to comment below. 



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